08 February, 2010

Welcome to Safari II

Did you feel bored with your bright or dull coloured shoes?
It's time to spice up your feet with animal print shoe.

Coach || DKNY || Fendi

Louis Vuitton || Jimmy Choo

Leopard-print Black Pump
E-Boutique: Heels Boutique

Colorful Snake Printed Peep Toe Heel
RM196.00 inclusive shipping
E-Boutique: Angelfac3 shoes

Grey Galore
E-Boutique: VLuvShoes

the Jana || the Karen
RM169.00 || RM169.00
(inclusive shipping)
E-Boutique: The Shoe Cupboard

Baby Lion & Baby Giraffe at Peace
E-Boutique : Matchig Misfits

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