04 February, 2010

Purple Colour II

What do you think of purple bags?
Wow......it's so cool to carry the purple bag around lolz.

Box Heart Beige Sling || Anya Purple Faux Leather Satchel
RM 55.00 || RM 68.00
E-Boutique: Alice Wonders

Printed Boxy Bag || Polka-Dots Boxy Bag
RM40.00 || RM38.00
E-Boutique: Wordrobe Rehab

LongChamp Le Pliage || JuicyCouture Daydream Velour Tote
RM380.00 || RM750.00
E-Boutique: Smashing Pit Shop

E-Boutique: Tasty Cherry Chapstick

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